3-Tand 3-Tand T Series Fly Reel
3-Tand 3-Tand T Series Fly Reel

3-Tand T Series Fly Reel


T-Series: Big Game Sealed Fly Reels

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T-50 Big Game Fly Reel

Weights 6-8

Line Capacity
WF6F 200/20lb Dacron

WF7F 175/20lb Dacron 

WF8F 150/20lb Dacron 

Weight 7.8 oz.

Spool Size 3.38" X 1.18"

Drag Technology 4 Nano CF Drag™ Discs

MSRP $299.95

Extra Spool $129.95

Ready to pack a punch this 6.6oz bombproof reel is a force to be reckoned with. Whether you need a little more weight to balance out a longer Steelhead stick, are looking for the perfect micro Spey or just need 6/7/8-weight reel with serious breaks, the T-50 has you covered.

This reel may be the smallest in our T-Series, but it properly sets the tone for the series providing an outrageous 18lbs of drag. Make sure you beef up your tippet if you’re going to test the limits of this beast of a little reel.  

T-70 Big Game Fly Reel

Weights 7-9

Line Capacity (yds)
WF7F 225/20lb Dacron
WF8F 200/20lb Dacron
WF9F 175/20lb Dacron

Weight 8.3 oz.

Spool Size 3.8" x 1.18"

Drag Technology 4 NanoCF Drag™ Discs

MSRP $349.95

Extra Spool $149.95

The T-70 was among the first reels we ever designed and has come to be known as our “Flagship” reel. A large arbor design gives increased pick up when sporting 7-9 weight fly lines and chasing next level fish. This reel has a slough of applications and has proven to be the perfect tool to take on Striped Bass, Snook, Musky, Steelhead, Bluefish, Salmon, Carp, Bonito, big Bonefish and many others. A true do-it-all size with breaks that you need to experience for yourself to fully believe. It gets even better.

The T-70 has a frame that will accept the same spool used on our T-90 to give you a fully interchangeable system that allows you to jump up a line weight or two or increase your backing capacity.  Don’t just take our word for it, listen to what others say about it and try it for yourself today!

T-90 Big Game Fly Reel

Weights 9-10

Line Capacity
WF9F 300/20lb Dacron
WF10F 275/20lb Dacron
WF9F 165/30lb Dacron
WF10F 150/30lb Dacron

Weight 8.4 oz.

Spool Size 3.8" X 1.18"

Drag Technology 4 Nano CF Drag™ Discs

MSRP $369.95

Extra Spool $159.95

If you’re looking for a reel that can handle 8-10-weight fly lines with enough backing to keep your mind at ease, then look no further. If you like to tussle with big fish, then you have something in common with the T-90. A mid-arbor machine that provides versatility, lightweight and the same bombproof drag that we are known for. 

The mid-arbor design makes this the ideal 5-6-weight Spey reel or a perfect 7-8 switch ready for Trout, Salmon, Steelhead or whatever you like to swing up. Due to its extreme line capacity, this reel is also extremely popular in the brine when targeting Striped Bass, Bluefish, Bonito, False Albacore, Dorado, Jacks or anything else that won’t take kindly to a hook in the mouth. And like the T-70, it boasts an interchangeable system that will accept the T-70 spool if you prefer a larger arbor and quicker pick up for smaller game species. Check out the T-90 for yourselves today!

T-100 Big Game Fly Reel

Weights 9-11

Line Capacity (yds)
WF9F 225/30lb Dacron
WF10F 200/30lb Dacron
WF11F 175/30lb Dacron
WF9F 450/30lb Gel Spun
WF10F 400/30lb Gel Spun
WF11F 350/30lb Gel Spun

Weight 9.5 oz.

Spool Size 4.25" X 1.35"

Drag Technology 4 NanoCF Drag™ Discs

MSRP $449.95

Extra Spool $179.95

We take our Big Game reels seriously and the T-100 is one serious piece of machinery. Ready to take on the big girls that require a 10-12-weight rod to mess with.

The 4.25” large arbor performance of this reel means fast pick up and some serious line capacity. When you go to the next level and start targeting big Dorado, Wahoo, King Salmon, Tuna, Jacks, Tarpon and other Big Game, there is no messing around. You need a reel that you can rely on that can handle the task and stop the beasts in their tracks with 20+ lbs of available drag. If you prefer a two-handed stick, this beauty is perfect for 6-7 Weight Spey lines. Like its little brother, this reel also boasts an interchangeable system that will accept a T-120 spool and jump you into the next level. Don’t let big fish mess with you and put them in their place with the T-100. 

T-120 Big Game Fly Reel

Weights 11-12

Line Capacity (yds)
WF11F 300lb/30lb Dacron
WF12F 275lb/30lb Dacron
WF11F 515lb/30lb Gel Spun
WF12F 475lb/30lb Gel Spun

Weight 9.5 oz.

Spool Size 4.25" X 1.35"

Drag Technology 4 NanoCF Drag™ Discs

MSRP $469.95

Extra Spool $189.95

The T-120 is versatile mid-arbor creature designed for strong applications in both fresh and salt. A perfect 7-8 Weight Spey reel with enough bulk to balance out those long sticks and enough stopping power to wrestle the healthy wild Steelhead and Salmon that call the Pacific Northwest home. If your head is more inclined to chase Saltwater species, then what you have here is a beast of 11-12 weight. You will have Tarpon, Jacks, Kingfish, Wahoo and GT’s second guessing there decision to scoop that fly out of the feeding zone.

A deep spool allows you to lay the backing on heavy and get ready dig in for battle with 20+ lbs of available drag.  A fully interchangeable spool system allows the frame to accept a T-100 spool if you want to swap spools and increase arbor size, or scale down you backing for smaller game fish. No matter what you choose to do with it, the T-120 is a beast through and through. 

T-130 "Shark Slayer" Big Game Fly Reel

Weights 12-14

Line Capacity (yds)
WF12F 450/30lb Dacron
WF13F 425/30lb Dacron
WF14F 400/30lb Dacron
WF12F 650/50lb Gel Spun
WF13F 600/50lb Gel Spun
WF14F 550/50lb Gel Spun

Weight 11.6 oz.

Spool Size 4.9" X 1.47"

Drag Technology 6 NanoCF Drag™ Discs

MSRP $549.95

Extra Spool $209.95

The T-130 is an absolute monster reel that can do it all. If you throw big 9-10 weight spey junk and need a strong reel, or you just like to find the biggest fish you can and tether yourself to it with a 13-14 weight, we have a reel for you. One of only two reels that we make with 6 compressed Nano CF Drag™ washers capable of delivering 25+ tough pounds of buttery smooth drag.

The T-130 is the proper reel for the job as long as that job includes chasing Sharks, Tarpon, Tuna, Billfish, GT’s or anything north on 100lbs on the long rod. Suit up for a fight with a commitment rig and get used to the thought that your arms will give way before your equipment. Go big or go home with the T-130. 

T-150 Ultimate Blue Water Fly Reel

Weights 13-15

Line Capacity (yds)
WF13F 600/30lb Dacron
WF14F 575/30lb Dacron
WF15F 500/30lb Dacron
WF13F 950/50lb Gel Spun
WF14F 900/50lb Gel Spun
WF15F 850/50lb Gel Spun

Weight 12.9 oz.

Spool Size 5" X 1.57"

Drag Technology 6 NanoCF Drag™ Discs

MSRP $599.95

Extra Spool $239.95

If pelagic pursuit is the name of your game then your’re going to need a monster to tame the beasts that get your heart pumping. Toss your 14-16 weight fly line into the slick, wash or blitz and make sure you get a good hook set because your undoubtedly in for a ride.


If you hunt Billfish, Tuna, or Sharks, your going to want a winch with both big-time stopping power and enough backing to keep you from getting nervous on line crackling runs. If it’s your plan to chase some of the biggest fish targetable on a fly, you’re going to need the T-150.  With 6 compressed Nano CF Drag™ Discs, this is the ultimate heat-dispersing weapon to give you the fight of your life. Not for the faint of heart. Don’t even pick up the rod if you’re not ready for battle. 

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