Leaders & Tippet

Leaders & Tippet

Umpqua Power Tapered Nylon Leader

Keep the power where you need it with a long untapered butt section and a short, very aggressive taper down to tippet.


AirFlo Sea Trout/Steelhead PolyLeader 8ft

Developed for the big Scandinavian Sea-Trout, this leader is equally at home for big steelhead when getting your fly into ‘the slot’ is essential.


Maxima Clear Leader Material

Perhaps the most versatile of all Maxima fishing lines. 


Maxima Ultragreen Leader Material

Ultragreen is the best all-round line for a variety of freshwater and general saltwater fishing


TroutHunter Tapered Nylon Leader

These versatile tapers deliver solid performance in all angling scenarios.


TroutHunter Fluorocarbon Tippet Spool

Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight—get the hunter’s edge.


TroutHunter Nylon Tippet Spool

TroutHunter Nylon is the choice when the situation demands exceptional presentation and performance.


TroutHunter Big Game Fluorocarbon Tippet Spool

The best performing Fluorocarbon on the market.


Umpqua Bonefish Tapered Nylon Leader

This clear saltwater leader gives you unsurpassed strength and power in the most rigorous conditions.


Umpqua Bass Tapered Nylon Leader

Fly fishing’s “four wheel drive” leader is a popper casting delight.


Umpqua TyGer Tipped Wire Leader

When we set out to make the absolute best leader for pike/muskie, there was only one choice… TyGer wire. 

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