Products tagged with Nylon Leader

Umpqua Bonefish Tapered Nylon Leader

This clear saltwater leader gives you unsurpassed strength and power in the most rigorous conditions.


Maxima Clear Leader Material

Perhaps the most versatile of all Maxima fishing lines. 


TroutHunter Rene Harrop Signature 14' Leader

The advantage of a long leader is indisputable when fishing for wary trout in clear, slow moving water.


TroutHunter Finesse Tapered Nylon Leader

The Finesse Taper excels in delicate presentation and drag free drifts over spooky trout.


TroutHunter Tapered Nylon Leader

These versatile tapers deliver solid performance in all angling scenarios.


Umpqua Trout Tapered Nylon Leader

Umpqua's nylon tapers are manufactured in the most technologically advanced factories in the world with the most stringent quality controls. 

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